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invader cowmmando game


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invader cowmmando game


added on: 27/08/2011 by: kris

Welcome to Cowmmando mini game website.
invader cowmmando game

How it was developed?

added on: 18/04/2020 by: kris

Cowmmando game was developed using a number of technologies. It was created using free Microsoft XNA Framework and C# language. For graphics I used free open source Gimp and Blender 3D software. All 3D models and animations were created in Blender 3D, which is a great free of charge software.

The game is 2D with 3D models. To create that effect I had used Gimp software with an additional free plugin to generate sprites. If you don't know what sprite is - it is an image with a number of images inside it. This allows to hold generated in Blender animation that saved as individual frame images to be then imported into Gimp's create sprite tool where entire 3D animation can be packed into one image. Later on XNA game framework is able to read and play that animation reading all frames from one image.

It's a shame that Microsoft had decided to abandom XNA framework and that it is no longer being developed. It was a great tool to use for anyone who wanted to create a game with free software.

The good news is that anyone can still download for free both Gimp and Blender 3D. Both have had new releases with more and more very useful features. You don't need expensive software like Adobe Photoshop or 3D Max to let your creativity shine!
As I said XNA framework is no longer available but there are other newer kids on the block - Unity and Unreal Engine. Both can be downloaded for free so there's nothing stopping us to develop anything that we want. I have to say that both have a bit of steep learning curve but provide most advanced features to develop games, 3D presentations and more.

Thank you for reading this article.
invader cowmmando game

Announcing the first month winners of Nokia App Challenge By Team YS

added on: 04/04/2020 by: kris

Apparently my tiny mini-game has won an award - third place in a competition run by That was back in September 2013.
The fact is that I've never received the award, which was a Nokia Windows Phone! I tried to contact them a number of times but to no avail. I guess they had kept the phone for themselves! Crooks.

Here's how they announced the winners:

27 Sept. 2013

We have received a tremendous response during the first month of Nokia App Challenge with over 200 developers submitting their apps and ideas. We loved working with Nokia to identify the winners for the first month. So, who are the lucky ones winning the exciting devices from Nokia?

Below are the details:
1. Stock Watch: India’s most comprehensive and highest rated Indian stock app for BSE/NSE. This app is developed by Mumbai-based startup Snapwork Technologies.

2. - Nobody knows...

3. Cowmmando: A game that tests your shooting skills, however, in a fun manner; you need to save your cows to win. This app is developed by Kris.

Can I have my award, please?!
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