Cowmmando PEGI3 Cowmmando PEGI3 Rating - Humoristic violence

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invader cowmmando game


added on: 18/04/2020 by: kris

Cowmmando game contains four mini games in one. Protect your cows and make sure that milk production carries on uninterrupted. Do not allow alien invaders to take away your cows! Without cows there will be no milk.

If aliens manage to take your cows away you can always switch to a rescue mission. On a mission you fight invaders and fly to seek and rescue your cows. By doing that you make sure that milk production is not interrupted.

You can also lay a booby trap on foot invaders. This is another mini game within the game. The trap is a bucket that aliens love to kick (or not). You decide what you bet on and then watch what they do!

You can also switch to another mini game where you fly and shoot flying target. Every bullet counts so be precise!
invader cowmmando game

Version 1.1

added on: 22/03/2020 by: kris

Version 1.1 new features:
1. Auto fire / manual fire switch, 2. Added vibrations (can be switched on / off), 3. New enemies plus waves of enemies, 4. Improved AI, 5. New particle effects and graphics, plus many more additional improvements.
Fly your helicopter, fight enemy ships and aliens, don't let them steal your cows, test your skills in target shooting, bet points to score more points. Move your phone up/down/left/right to control the player (movement sensor).
Requires a device with more than 256 MB of memory.
Visit for more details.
Trial version:
1. 2000 points limit,
2., 3 different weapons,
3. 8 power ups,
4. 3 difficulty levels
Full version:
1. 4 full game modes,
2. 3 different weapons,
3. 8 power ups,
4. 3 difficulty levels,
5. Save and Load functionality
6. No adverts
I hope you will enjoy the game!